Will you seek out the untamed wildlife? Will you climb towering peaks and smoking volcanoes? Will you embrace the local culture? Let us help you find YOUR ADVENTURE here in Bengkulu – one of Southeast Asia’s undiscovered gems.


Our mission is to incite your epic adventure while helping to keep Sumatra wild.

Since 2013, Wild Sumatra Tours has been helping responsible travelers discover the most remote wild places left on the mysterious, mountainous, rainforest-shrouded island of Sumatra. We work with rural communities to empower local guides, helping connect them with off-the-beaten path adventurers looking for authentic trekking and cultural adventures in the rainforests and villages of Sumatra.

We believe strongly that community-based ecotourism can help safeguard the still-untouched forests and wildlife of Sumatra, while helping to improve the quality of life for people living on the forest’s edge.

Mt Dempo Volcano

Calling all peak baggers (and everyone who just loves amazing views). Mount Dempo is the 3rd highest mountain on Sumatra at around 10,400 feet. It’s surrounded by vast coffee and tea plantations at the base of the mountain and immense jungle and wildlife as you hike the steep path to the summit. Not to mention there are 7 craters on this active volcano.

Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre

Do you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while also making a positive impact for conservation efforts? Spend a couple days with the trained elephants at Seblat and you will understand why these magnificent animals are worth protecting. 

Twin Peaks: Hitam to Kaba

One of the most exciting and adventurous treks we offer, this hike combines two majestic mountains and some of the most unique landscapes in this region. Experience beautiful waterfalls, remote jungle, two different volcanic formations to give you and your friends an adventure to remember.

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