Day Trips

Bukit Kandis

Bukit Kandis

If you are new to the sport or an experienced climber, we can connect you to some amazing locations. Our well-trained guides will provide all the gear and do all the work of setting up and belaying. Just check out the locations below!


If you are looking for a place to rock climb, then welcome to your new playground! Bukit Kandis is located about 1 hour from the city of Bengkulu. The majority of the journey contains paved roads, but the last 20 minutes will be bumpy as you approach the peak of Kandis jutting
out above landscape. This rock face contains routes graded from 5.3 – 5.9 (YDS) with relatively easy access to create top-rope anchors.

Even if rock climbing is not your forte, Bukit Kandis also serves as a great place for camping with some spectacular panoramas. From the base of the peak you can see Bengkulu city and the Indian Ocean on a clear day. You can also distinctly see Bukit Bungkuk as you look over the vast jungles below.

Further Details

Difficulty: Difficult

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing

Terrain: Rockface, Mountains

Duration: Full day

Months of Operation: All year pending good weather Travel

Location: Bukit Kandis and Goa Kacamata

Nearest Town: Bengkulu or Muara Aman

Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)

Total Cost starting at: Rock Climbing Package: $150 USD for up to 4 people.
Larger group prices available upon request.

Conditions: Bukit Kandis is  best to climb in the early afternoon to avoid the hot sun.
Rock climbing package includes top quality gear, trained guide, and lunch. Transportation cost included for Bukit Kandis.


Tubing the Sungai Musi

Tubing the Sungai Musi

One unique way to view the landscape that is otherwise hidden is from the vantage point of water. Join us either by kayak or a leisure float on an inner tube down the Musi River and see the jungles, mountains, rice paddies and villages of Sumatra in a way few foreigners have seen before.

Kayak Schedule

Day 1:
9am — depart from Bengkulu
11am — arrive in Curup and eat lunch
12pm — begin kayaking
4pm — set up camp and explore the surrounding jungle a little

Possible Day 2:
8am — eat breakfast and pack up camp
10am — finish the stretch of river till we meet the tour truck
12pm — eat lunch and return to Bengkulu

Tubing Schedule
9am – depart from Bengkulu
11am – arrive in Curup and eat lunch
12pm – relax by floating down the river
4pm – return to Bengkulu

*Although this trip has been dubbed “the lazy river,” it is not lacking in adventure. There are areas with rapids, so everyone must know how to swim and wear appropriate safety gear, which we provide.


Difficulty: Easy

Activities: Tubing/Kayaking

Terrain: River – class 1-2

Duration: All day (3+ hours on the river)

Months of Operation: All year round Travel Location: Sungai Musi

Nearest Town: Curup

Total Cost starting at: Rp. 700.000 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Conditions: Cost includes lunch, gas, inner tubes, and transportation to and from Bengkulu City to Curup.

Danau Tes

Danau Tes

Lake Tes is the largest freshwater lake in Bengkulu province. Surrounded by the village of Kutei Donok and the village of Tes, this lake has 5 km (3 mi) of shoreline and is approximately 1 km (0.6 mi) wide. The lake and the surrounding rainforests offer a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, swimming, fishing, boat rides, trekking, and photography. Additionaly, by observing and interacting with the daily lives of the rural Rejang people, you will greatly enrich your cultural understanding in this off-the-beaten-track location.

Besides serving as a recreational attraction, the lake also serves as a hydroelectric power plant for the region. Lake Tes and its verdant surroundings are full of adventures that are just waiting to be explored. The lake is located on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountain range in the Lebong district, about 1 hour drive from Muara Aman or 3-4 hours from the city of Bengkulu.

Pulau Tikus

Pulau Tikus

Located only 10 km (6.2 miles) west of Bengkulu city, this small island offers blue waters, white beaches, coral reef, and the feel of a remote getaway that you will not want to miss. Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island) is home to a small community of local fisherman, many colorful fish, and ironically many cats. This popular tourist destination can be reached by an hour ride on a speedboat. Equipped with our snorkeling gear you can enjoy hours of underwater exploration around the island as you observe the diversity of aquatic life present there.  You can also climb the signal light tower and view the entire island and surrounding reef from a vantage point high above the island.


Plan on leaving in the morning between 0900 and 1000, enjoying the trip out to the island with one of our local partner businesses.  Enjoy time swimming and snorkeling around the island before you eat a traditional “bungkus” (take out) lunch on the beach.  Relax on the beach for a bit before exploring the reef some more and then returning to Bengkulu in the afternoon between 1300 and 1400.

At a glance

Difficulty: Moderate, participants will need to be able to wade in the ocean to the boat and climb into the boat
Activities: Swimming, Snorkeling
Terrain: Ocean, Reefs
Duration: Day Trip – 4-6 hours

Months of Operation: All year pending good weather

Additional information:  Life jackets provided for all participants.


Total Cost starting at: 1,100,000 IDR for two people.  This activity is offered through the services of a local partner and the price is dependent upon the number of participants and day of the week.  Charter services are available as well.  Please contact us for a quote.