Tubing the Sungai Musi

Tubing the Sungai Musi

One unique way to view the landscape that is otherwise hidden is from the vantage point of water. Join us either by kayak or a leisure float on an inner tube down the Musi River and see the jungles, mountains, rice paddies and villages of Sumatra in a way few foreigners have seen before.

Kayak Schedule

Day 1:
9am — depart from Bengkulu
11am — arrive in Curup and eat lunch
12pm — begin kayaking
4pm — set up camp and explore the surrounding jungle a little

Possible Day 2:
8am — eat breakfast and pack up camp
10am — finish the stretch of river till we meet the tour truck
12pm — eat lunch and return to Bengkulu

Tubing Schedule
9am – depart from Bengkulu
11am – arrive in Curup and eat lunch
12pm – relax by floating down the river
4pm – return to Bengkulu

*Although this trip has been dubbed “the lazy river,” it is not lacking in adventure. There are areas with rapids, so everyone must know how to swim and wear appropriate safety gear, which we provide.


Difficulty: Easy

Activities: Tubing/Kayaking

Terrain: River – class 1-2

Duration: All day (3+ hours on the river)

Months of Operation: All year round Travel Location: Sungai Musi

Nearest Town: Curup

Total Cost starting at: Rp. 700.000 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Conditions: Cost includes lunch, gas, inner tubes, and transportation to and from Bengkulu City to Curup.