Seblat Elephant Conservation Center

Do you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while also making a positive impact for conservation efforts? Spend a couple days with the trained elephants at Seblat and you will understand why these magnificent animals are worth protecting. Seblat is one of only 6 Elephant Conservation Centers in Indonesia. In an effort to reduce human-elephant conflict and protect other forms of wildlife, the government created several protected forests to safeguard endangered species.

The conservation offers a variety of fun and challenging outdoor activities including feeding and bathing the trained elephants, riding the elephants with the mahouts (trainers) through the jungles, and even forging across the Seblat River on an elephant’s back. If you desire an extended stay, you can also go camping with an elephant patrol team to observe elephants in the wild.

2 days/1 night

Day 1

Leave from Bengkulu city in the morning stopping along the way to eat lunch. Arrive at Seblat Conservation Center before 2pm in order to cross the river by canoe. Settle into the shelters and relax after your journey. In the afternoon, cool off by bathing in the river with the elephants. Help the mahouts (elephant trainers) scrub down and clean the elephants. When night falls, relax in the shelter and bring a good book to read as you enjoy the sounds of the jungle around you and the thousands of stars above.

Day 2

Wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for a unique expedition into the jungle. Join the mahouts for a jungle trek on the back of an elephant. Hike with the elephants for up to 4 hours (longer if you stay an extra night…see itinerary below). After your journey, eat lunch, say goodbye to your new friends and depart for Bengkulu.

Cost starting at: Rp. 7,200,000 for 2 people (5% donated to developing Seblat ECC)

3 days/2 nights  **Recommended**

If you desire to extend your stay at Seblat you can choose one of these options:


Another Bath:

After the jungle trek on day 2 with the elephants, come back to camp, and cool off by bathing in the river with the elephants one more time. Relax again that night in your shelters, read a good book, and enjoy your surroundings. Take your time and depart for Bengkulu the next day.


A Night in the Jungle:

On day 2, prepare for an extended jungle trek with the elephants. Camp out with the elephants and mahouts in the jungle for one night…don’t worry- you have elephants to protect you! In the morning, journey back to the conservation center along the Seblat river. Eat lunch and depart for Bengkulu city.

Cost starting at: Rp. 8,600,000 for two people (5% donated to developing Seblat ECC)

5-10 days

Join the mahouts on a routine multiple-day patrol deep into protected forests. As you journey around the Seblat Conservation, keep your eyes open for wild elephants, tigers, and other endangered species. Trek on an elephant’s back by day and sleep in the jungle each night. This trip is not for the faint of heart!

Contact us for specific dates and details.



Seblat ECC is not designed or set up as a tourist destination. It is a grassroots conservation effort that is still developing. Please keep this in mind. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure and not a comfortable experience, then Seblat is the place for you!

At a Glance:

Difficulty: Moderate

Activities: Camping, Swimming, Wildlife, Conservation

Terrain: Jungles, Rivers, Palm Oil Plantations

Duration: 2-10 days

Months of Operation: All year round

Location: 4.5 hours from Bengkulu

Nearest Town: Suka Baru

Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)

Total Cost: for 1-2 people starting at Rp. 7,200,000 for 2 days/1 night – Rp. 8,600,000 for 3 day/2 night (5% donated to developing Seblat ECC)

Extended stay (5-10 days) – contact us for more details

Conditions: Price package includes

  • Trekking through the jungle with elephants
  • Taking a bath with the elephants in the river
  • Lodging – very basic shelter or tent
  • Permits, tickets, food, and transportation
  • Minimum 3 Day Advanced Booking Required for this Trek due to Permit Processing

Feel free to ask the mahouts questions about:

  • Life at Seblat
  • Each elephants story
  • The individual personalities of each elephant
  • How they care for the elephants on a daily basis
  • Ongoing conservation efforts

Participating in the daily activities with the elephants at Seblat will help support the center’s conservation efforts. Find out more about the importance of protecting these magnificent animals through

-Elephant rides
-Bathe with elephants
-Camping at savanna